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Chill Sips: 
The Future is THC-Infused!

Chill Sips: 
The Future is THC-Infused!

**Ready to Kick Back?**
Wave goodbye to your grandpa's nightcap and say hello to the future: THC-infused drinks are here to change the game! Imagine unwinding with a drink that leaves you giggling instead of groggy. That's right, folks – we're ditching the booze for something that brings the chill without the spill: THC beverages.

**Why the Buzz?**
Jason Westplate, our go-to beverage guru, spells it out: it's not just about skipping the hangover. It's about vibing with your drink. THC-infused options are hitting the shelves, promising all the fun without the fuzziness of next-day regrets. Think about it: a social drink that actually helps you sleep better? Sign me up!

**What's on the Menu?**
From THC teas to cannabis colas, the options are endless. Lemonades, sodas, and iced teas are the heavy hitters, making up a whopping 73% of cannabis beverage sales. Big names like Pabst and Lagunitas are already riding the wave, crafting concoctions that are both tasty and toasty.

**Looking Ahead**
Sure, there are some hoops to jump through (looking at you, FDA), but the future's looking as bright as a well-lit grow house. THC drinks are on the fast track to becoming as common as your morning coffee.

Backyard is available in retail locations and restaurants in Minnestota, Michigan, and Illinois. Stay tuned for more locations to come in 2023.

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