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When Will I Feel It? Understanding Activation Time

When Will I Feel It? Understanding Activation Time

"When will I feel it?" You might wonder about the moment of tranquility after sipping our delta-9 THC Backyard beverage. It all comes down to "activation time" – how swiftly you'll embrace the calming effects. Moving away from the unpredictable wait of traditional edibles, our drinks guide you more directly to relaxation. Typically, consumers begin to feel the effects within 15-20 minutes, depending on the amount consumed and the pace of consumption. With 5 and 10 mg options, you're in the driver's seat of your experience. Our advice? Start with a slow sip (½ can) and gauge your comfort level before progressing.
Unlike smoking or edibles, Backyard beverages are curated for those instant shifts to tranquility, promising a predictable and streamlined experience. Perfect for unwinding post-work or elevating a social gathering, they blend seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Backyard Tea Makers reimagines THC consumption, emphasizing convenience, control, and swift comfort. Cheers to a new era of relaxation!

Backyard is available in retail locations and restaurants in Minnestota, Michigan, and Illinois. Stay tuned for more locations to come in 2023.

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